The FH2 DPF Cleaning Machine this will successfully clean all types of particulate filters, not just cars, but vans, light, medium and heavy trucks, buses, and any off road equipment that has a diesel particulate filter. It will efficiently remove the PM-10 (Soot & Ash) from the filter restoring the DPF back to 98% original.

There are many different types of diesel particulate filters, most of the ones on cars, light and medium sized trucks are sealed so can be difficult to clean.

The FFSolution FH2 machine effectively cleans any make and configuration of diesel particulate filter without cutting, modifying or welding the DPF, it does this by simply connecting the appropriate adapter.

After testing the flow rate within the DPF filter the FH2 machine pumps high pressure water mixed with Hydro Carbon fluid at a rate of 160 litres a minute from a dedicated pump, this cleaning process is assisted with blasts of air at 4bar to ensure the Soot and Ash are completely removed from the DPF filter. To ensure the DPF filter is completely clean the filter is turned both ways.


The FH2 DPF cleaning System is revolutionizing the DPF cleaning industry.

An innovative, compact design cleans all particulate filter types for cars, light, medium and heavy trucks, buses, stationary power plants and off road equipment equipped with a diesel particulate filter. It efficiently removes virtually all PM-10 (soot & sulphated ash) from the channels of the filter restoring the DPF to serviceable conditions.

Most DPF cleaning Systems are designed to clean modular canister style filters found on heavy trucks that when the DPF is removed, the full inlet and outlet surfaces of the filter are easily accessible. Many diesel particulate filter designs such as those on cars, light and medium sized trucks have the DOC and DPF housed in a sealed housing in conjunction with small diameter exhaust tubing preventing access to the inlet or outlet surfaces of the filter making it make it difficult or impossible to clean. In these instances the DPF must be cut open, cleaned and welded back together again to restore the filter to serviceable standards or simply replace the DPF costing thousands of dollars.

The FH2 effectively cleans any make and configuration of diesel particulate filter without cutting, modifying or welding by simply connecting the appropriate fitting.

The FH2 process outperforms conventional DPF Cleaning technology both economically and in cleaning efficiency because the FH2 does not utilize pneumatic and/or thermal regeneration technology to remove soot and ash.

There is no need for large volume air compressors, air dryers and expensive electrical service upgrades and the entire

FH2 System occupies only a fraction of the floor space when compared to other technologies.


  • Quicker DPF cleaning process, this reduces costly downtime allowing you to get your customer back on the road.
  • Flow test before and after in m3/h
  • 30 – 45 minutes for cars and light trucks
  • 60 – 75 minutes for heavy trucks, buses and off road equipment
  • Cleaning efficiency consistently at 98.5%.
  • Cleans virtually any diesel particulate filter without the need for cutting, modification and/welding.
  • Two high powered water pumps, one dedicated for cleaning and one for circulating the water.
  • High wattage heating element for faster drying
  • Has the ability to wash one filter and dry another at the same time
  • Two self-contained water tanks so all water is recycled (environmentally friendly, no waste)
  • No particulate matter emissions (dust) or hazardous fumes in the workplace atmosphere making a safer, cleaner work environment.
  • Compact design occupies a small place (2m2) of valuable floor space.
  • Requires very little routine maintenance.


  • Height : 2.05 m
  • Length : 2.30 m
  • Width : 1.15 m
  • Weight : 700 kg Stainless Steel
  • Power supply : 7.5 kW – 400 v 3 Phase

The FH2 is the safest, most efficient and cost effective DPF Cleaning System available to clean and salvage oil soaked diesel particulate filters.

The FH2 is the perfect solution for those looking to enter the DPF cleaning market or those looking to increase their current capacity and capabilities with a more efficient and profitable solution.


  • Double Pump
  • One Dedicated to the water reciper (Constant Water Temperature) *
  • One Dedicated to the washing (160 Liters Constantly) *
  • Double Tanks *
  • To Wash always with Clean Water
  • Low Pressure Washing 2-2.5 Bar to not damage and move the monolite
  • Automatic filling of the water tank *
  • Washing and drying two filter at the same time *
  • Completely automatic washing with no need to turn the filter *
  • FF Solution Patent
  • Drying – The highest drying temperature (95 – 100 Degrees)
  • Possibility to dry externally a filter without blocking the washing cabin *
  • Filter cartridges especially designed for a greater accumulation of Soot and Ashes (13.2 m3) *
  • 3 Washing Programs * (can be modified)
  • 3 Drying Programs * (can be modified)
  • Cleaning times complete with drying (The fastest on the market) *
  • 20 Minute car Filters
  • 45 Minute Truck-Bus Filters
  • Exclusive FF Solution *