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    Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
    Lowest costing, most effective cleaning machines in the industry. Designed by DPF manufacturer with ease and effectiveness of cleaning in mind. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first business in your area with a complete DPF cleaning package!

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  • Enviblast Plus
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    Diesel Emission Technologies
    DPF Cleaning
    The system comprises of both a blast and oven, the product also has the added feature that it is able to clean ANY DPF on the market today, whether it be on Road OEM or Retrofit, Off road Tier 4 interim, stationary, marine or Rail, this is the only machine able to cover such a wide market coverage,  today it is used by a lot of the major OEM dealerships as their first choice for DPF cleaning.

  • The latest Innovation in DPF cleaning equipment,  Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning and Maintenance equipment at the lowest prices guaranteed, our quality is second to known and has been built by a DPF manufacturer, therefore it has been designed with accurate product knowledge and years off experience, while doing this at the lowest price available.

    A Performance Oriented Cost Effective Solution
    DPF Cleaning
    Diesel Emission Technologies
    DPF Cleaning
  • EnviBlast
    Diesel Emission Technologies
    DPF Cleaning

    Ring Today to receive our latest low cost pricing, we guarantee we will not be beaten on price with a similar product or package. No need for any additional Compressors, power specialty set ups, these are genuine plug and play pieces of equipment, out of the box, your ready to clean your DPF.
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All Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF's) from on road, off road, and stationary diesel engines supplied by the factory's original equipment manufacturers as of 2007 need to be cleaned at regular intervals as small amounts of inert debris, mainly ash and other debris from lubricating oil, engine wear metals, additive and air-induced dust build up in the filter substrate. To ensure that an optimum level of performance is maintained, the filter must be cleaned. The backpressure monitor will indicate when the filter needs to be cleaned; on average, the filter should be cleaned on a yearly basis. Service also may be required when back pressure exceeds maximum manufactures recommended limits clearly indicated in all DPF provider service manuals. Premature indicators of potential increased maintenance are: poor fuel economy, reduced power, or slow RPM response. Please bare in mind that a DPF will mask all previous inherent or diagnostic signs. Historically poor engine performance could be noted by the exhaust i.e. black, blue, or white smoke. With a DPF system installed there is no longer visible smoke. The filters may need to be cleaned in shorter intervals depending upon vehicle maintenance and duty cycle.

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