DCARB and have immediately ceased offering the Bake and Blow DPF cleaning process as a standalone service. DCARB support Daimler Trucks North America decision not to endorse stand-alone Heat & Air cleaning also known as Bake & Blow. 


When you enter our clean room one thing you will notice is that all our machines are a different colour and are sourced from all over the world. That is because we have chosen the best equipment the industry has to offer. Each location has over $200,000 of DPF Cleaning equipment so you can be assured that your DPF is being remanufactured with the best equipment available


The FH3 DPF Cleaning System is revolutionizing the DPF Cleaning industry. The FH3 process outperforms conventional DPF Cleaning technology in cleaning efficiency because the FH3 does not utilize pneumatic and/or thermal regeneration technology to remove soot and ash. It efficiently removes virtually all PM-10 (soot & sulphated ash) from the channels of the filter restoring the DPF to serviceable conditions. The FH3 effectively cleans any make and configuration of diesel particulate filter without cutting, modifying, or welding by simply connecting the appropriate fitting.


Our state of the art EvacuBlast DPF cleaning equipment uses what we call ‘Dual Force’ technology where compressed air and intense vacuum is used simultaneously to push from the top and pull from the bottom to force the contaminated soot from the filter cells. The EvacuBlast has a built in pressure differential test system to evaluate the filter before, during and after the cleaning process is completed. Each filter has a different ‘flow pattern’ on where the exhaust enters the DPF while working on the vehicle. These flow patterns usually create more soot concentration In specific areas of the DPF. We call this ‘gum ball’. Our system allows us to work on that ‘gum ball’ area until clean where other automated systems can’t recognize the problem area and pass over. With the combined compressed air and intense vaccum working in sequence, the Evacublast in tandem with the FH3 DPF Cleaning system will provide the best Reman DPF Service on the market.


The Filtertherm DPF Termal Oven provides superior performance and user experience compared to any “kiln” oven on the market for DPF cleaning. The Filtertherm Thermal Oven was engineered to perform like no kiln can, designed and built specifically for cleaning MULTIPLE DPFs at once. The exterior has Cool-Touch  Technology, which makes it safe to touch while baking. The Smart-Touchscreen takes the guess work out DPF cleaning with pre-programmed settings for OEM and Aftermarks filters.


Designed for DPF cleaning our Filtertherm inspection Table is the perfect complement to the Filtertherm regeneration oven. It comes complete with a digital scale it not only measures DPF flow but also weighs the filter to let you know how many grams of ash/soot was recovered during the cleaning cycle.