Six Reasons Why DPF Cleaning
Service is Important

Keeping a clean DPF is the important thing you needed to do for your vehicle.

A diesel particulate filter is an important part of today’s diesel vehicles. If your fleet has diesel engines then you need to understand how these filters work and the importance of a DPF cleaning service.

Today, we have listed six important reasons why you need a DPF cleaning service now.

1. Better Engine Performance
and Fuel Economy

Regular DPF cleaning makes and keeps your engine drive smoothly. In fact, unless the filter is working at 100 percent your engine performance suffers.

When you keep your filter clean, you’ll get better fuel economy. The DPF is part of your engine’s exhaust system, and even if it’s only partially clogged, it still increases backpressure in the engine. This entirely affects your fuel economy. That’s why a DPF cleaning service must be maintained for your DPFs.

2. Getting Stuck in
Traffic Means Dirty DPFs

If your vehicle or truck makes frequent deliveries and a lot of city driving, you know you can’t avoid the city traffic. Stop and go driving in the city traffic causes more exhaust particles and makes it harder on the filtration and regeneration processes. Meaning your engines have to work harder in lower gears to get moving after the repeatedly stopping in traffic. That’s why you’ll need to have the DPF cleaned more often.

If I don’t maintain a regular DPF cleaning service, this can affect your vehicle or truck’s performance. If left unattended for long, it can lead to extensive repair and replacement costs.

So if you have a diesel vehicle that endures slow traffic daily, I recommend getting the particulate filters checked periodically, at least every 2-3 months depending on your usage.

3. Remove Clogging
Before It Gets Worse

When your DPF works perfectly, it burns off hydrocarbons and particles in the exhaust, and this causes ashes to slowly build up. DPF cleaning services remove these ashes and let the filter work in the most efficient manner.

When you notice such sounds from your car, it might be a good idea to check out the filter and get it cleaned before the clogging leads to more significant problems.

4. Prevent Replacement

Getting your DPFs cleaned means you avoid frequent replacement to your DPFs, which is much more expensive by the way. Remember, Diesel particulate filters are incredibly expensive, and if you don’t keep them clean, they can become damaged. When this happens, you have to replace them.

Either you get it all cleaned up or your replace them every now and then.

5. DPF Cleaning is Affordable

DPF cleaning is indeed affordable and much more practical than replacing your DPFs every now and then. If you think your DPFs are no longer functioning like they used to then get it all cleaned up now!

Just remember that a DPF requires proper maintenance to ensure the filters adequately perform their role as a means of reducing emissions, improving fuel economy, and helping trucks run quieter.

At DPF Cleaning we take part in making sure your DPFs are well maintained and checked to provide you with affordable and long-lasting solutions.

Talk with our experts today and learn more about DPF cleaning services.