Know the Ideal DPF Solutions:
Clean or Replace?

Torn between cleaning or replacing?

Your diesel particulate filters are an essential part of your vehicle that needs thorough attention. It’s not just enough that your cleaning your exterior and interior, but as well as the engines that allow you to drive your car smoothly.

With that, it’s important to know that there are ideal DPF solutions for every vehicle problem. If you think you are having a clogged filter, and a busted thermostat, then that needs checking. Basically, checking comes first more than anything.

You can’t simply tell the problem by just looking at it you need to have experts to look at it first. Today, let that expertise at DCARB’s DPF Cleaning give you a few tips on knowing when to clean and replace your DPF filters.

How? Let’s check this out!

3 Signs Your DPF Need Replacing

Just like the vehicle itself, a diesel particulate filter will get too old and no longer be able to function practically. Don’t stress, this is normal and all vehicles, regardless of the age, will always end up to this point.

Many drivers are content with keeping the same filter for years on end and keeping it ticking with a semi-regular cleaning service. But there comes a time in every driver’s life when he has to replace their filter.

Here are the three major signs that your DPF filter needs replacing.

1. Frequent Regenerating

Most DPF filters have a natural method of cleaning themselves; active regeneration or passive regeneration.

DPF regeneration is where the engine reaches a high enough temperature to burn away all the excess diesel residue. This can happen either naturally, usually during long durations of fast driving, or when your engine decides that the DPF needs clearing and initiates this process itself.

If your car is undergoing DPF regeneration too often, then this could mean that the process is not working due to severe blockage. This will likely mean that your filter is too blocked to clean effectively, and will need replacing.

2. The Filter Fills Up Too Quickly

If you feel that your DPF filter is filling up too quickly after cleaning, it could be a sign that the mesh inside the filter has sustained damage or even malformed due to the heat of a blockage. This is a telltale sign that your DPF is on its last legs.

3. Your Driving Habits
Make No Difference

Your driving habits should directly affect the behavior of your DPF. When diesel vehicles are used particularly for long-distance driving, the DPF filter has a higher chance of regenerating itself. This is due to the heat that the filter is exposed to when driving at high speeds for long amounts of time, which allows the soot to burn away naturally.

If you think your vehicle’s DPF filter needs replacing, make sure you trust the reliable DPF supplier for it DCARB’s DPFParts is among one of the best-authorized sellers of DPF in the U.S.

Signs Your DPF Need Cleaning

The process of cleaning the DPF filter involves burning off the excess soot in a manner that reduces the harmful emissions associated with diesel exhaust. This will prevent the black smoke that occasionally can be seen emanating from diesel vehicles while they accelerate.

However, you need to make sure that before you actually begin cleaning your DPF, you need to know if it’s necessary.

What are the symptoms
of a blocked DPF?

Make sure that you can also tell the symptoms of a DPF that is becoming blocked or requires servicing. These symptoms can be:

  • Surging/poor performance.
  • Excessive fuel consumption.
  • Excessive smoke – white, blue, black.
  • Engine and/or DPF emissions lights displayed.
  • Difficulty starting the engine.
  • The engine runs rough.
  • Unsuccessful attempts to regeneration.

Overmore, if the DPF starts to become clogged up with soot or you have a fault that begins to develop in the system, there should be an orange light that appears on your dashboard indicating the DPF requires service.

Trust the Experts in DPF Cleaning

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